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Full Version: [DENIED]Shooter SQUAD by Maax
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Your name, nicknames, age and country: Max my Nickname is Maax I am 15 years old and I come from austria

Why do you want to join ANV//?  I want to join ANV// because it's a Teamwork Clan, I can Play really good in Team and I want a clan where all make always Teamwork and where you are welcome

Tell us the clans you were in:
I were in =GOLD=  and -DeF- and now I want in your Clan

Rate your skill, 7,5/10

Something about you: I am Maax I like it really much to Play Football. This time I got to School in a HTL.

Contact to you (FB/SKYPE): Max
Sorry, but No. I dont kwow who are you, maybe next players vote's yes but i dont ... Wink
Why did you leave def? Why are you in gold?
Kordy I had ah MTA break, I was one year not online in MTA. 1 half year because my Laptop go down.
Than a half year because i don't have fun when I Play MTA. Now I have a really good PC and I am again really aktiv. So I was in GOLD for 1 moth but there is no Teamwork.
So i want to join your Clan Wink
Yo, haven´t seen you yet in the game.. maybe i just didn´t spectate you or something.. im not going to choose YES or NO .. i wan´t to see your OsDM and shooter skills Smile
Yeah you can see it in 1 hour I am online Wink We see us in Shooter Wink
Can u be active? We need u for final result.
DENIED - clan hoper