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Full Version: [DENIED]Try Join Request
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Your name, nicknames, age and country:

My name is Bojan,Nickname in game is Try and im 13 years old and im in country Serbia Big Grin.

Why do you want to join ANV//? 

I want to join clan because Acta Non Verba clan is always active and best players in all games and leader and all co leaders is good in games is good always to all  Heart

Tell us the clans you were in: -DeF- Deadly Force, =GOLD= Golden Empire. Tongue

Rate your skill, 1/10 Rate is 7/10

Something about you:

I live in Village Conoplja.I live with my mum,dad,brother,grandma and grandpa Sleepy.Im going to school Called Nikola Tesla

Contact to you (FB/SKYPE):

Your name, nicknames, age and country:

Why do you want to join ANV//?

Tell us the clans you were in:

Rate your skill, 1/10

Something about you:

Contact to you (FB/SKYPE):

Our outline.
You didn´t typed that much about you, i hope you still don´t hoping for some clans .. you are played good..
for me NOTHING .. i can´t choose still
Same as Kiziar said.
I'm 100% sure, that u'll want to left our clan because u will see a new clan.

Can u answer on this?
Okay, it's time to final result.

U're REJECTED. Because u're inactive on our website's.
+ Stop spamming us in pm about ur join request. We know that u have/had a request.

Good luck next time.