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Laptops will never replace Desktops in Workplace Computers Articles | April 26 Rougned Odor Jersey , 2017

When it comes to computers there are just two, one is the Desktop computer and the other one is the Laptop. Laptops are used widely but it will never take the place of Desktop PC at workplace and I personally think that it still will be around for a longer period of time. Maybe the design and size will change but it will occupy the workplace for many many years.

Computers are used at home and also at office. At home it is different but at office the desktops are the one who rule. From small offices to major MNCs all office use desktops instead of laptops. I will tell you the reason why it is so. As far as laptops are concerned it is very neat and compact and it occupies very little space. Laptops can be carried with you. And the most important thing about laptops are that they can work on battery when there is no power or while you are travelling where there is no power option. If you look at offices and workplace you will notice that mostly management and higher position people use laptops. It is because they have to be connected with their clients. They have to be in contact with the clients Nolan Ryan Jersey , with the employees and other people. They would have to be on internet connection all the while to send and receive mails and other important documents. So they use laptops as they can be carried with them and they can put a mail to the clients whenever they want. And also laptops allow them to work from home. This means they can start their work from wherever they left. Otherwise they would have to copy their file from office pc and save it to the pc at home and start their work. These are the benefits of laptops.


But desktops have their own position. For thousands of employees who work they must have desktops. Desktops are very cheap when they are compared to laptops. If you work more closely and buy the correct configuration which is needed for your work it will save a lot of money instead of buying laptops which comes with their inbuilt configuration. There are chances that you can buy 2 desktops computers in the place of one laptop. The other thing is that offices with workstation with desktops looks good. You can argue on there is no need of workstation with desktop looking good because at the end of the day the work output is very important. But office with good and neat look increases the performance of the employees and it increases the output and helps in the growth of the company. Just imagine thousand workstations with laptop and thousand workstations with desktop pc and think which one looks good. It has to be desktops. And the other thing is that laptop heats up very quickly and the heat temperature is much higher than the desktops. You can even see some offices going for Mac PC instead of Mac Laptops?because it is very impressive and gives an office look. Desktops are for hard hitting players and laptops are for very delicate people who don't even want to hit the enter button harder because it will break. And by the way if keys of the laptops don't work then you would have to change the entire keypad. And these keypads are much costlier than the keyboards. Not only about the keypad but be it any other issue the repairing cost is higher. A single crack in laptop display can cost you more than $50. But for desktops the repairing cost is cheaper. The entire hardware configuration of the desktop can be changed as per your requirements. But for laptops it is a very difficult task and sometimes impossible. Dismantling the desktop and re fixing is very easy than laptops. I don't think people would even dare to open the laptops because of its minute spare parts. Hence cost wise and other regarding features desktops are better for workplace. Hope I sorted out the important points.?
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