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[DENIED]MeatBall Join Request - Calimero - 12-21-2017

Hi,my name is Bojan and i live in Serbia im 14 years old.
Tell us about yourself:
I started to play mta this server in 2014 year and this is my favorite server.
What was your previous clans:
-DeF- Deadly Force.
Reason why you left :
Why did you choose that clan as your prospective clan, why do you want to join ?
I want to join because squad is good and all members are always online.
What are your expectations from Silent Beasts?
My expectations is that one day ,,Silent Beasts'' clan will be the best clan.

RE: MeatBall Join Request - KiziaR - 12-21-2017

Pretty fine but you should type more about urself.. i havent seen u anywhere but if u will get trial i would like to see how good u really are..
just for now YES

RE: MeatBall Join Request - Kordy - 12-21-2017

The request could have been better.

RE: MeatBall Join Request - Kordy - 12-21-2017

Ok, U're not bad so for me it's yes

RE: MeatBall Join Request - t0ny - 12-21-2017

I dont know you so NEUTRAL for now

RE: MeatBall Join Request - Kordy - 12-21-2017

Forget about anv.