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How To Troubleshoot Brother Printer Error 50?
Brother printer error 50 encounters if there is a problem while connecting the printer again to the power supply. You will get a message like ‘Unable to print 50’ on the screen. If there is any paper clip stuck in the machine, then this error message will pop-up. Check the printer print head first and see if there is any problem with the cartridges.
Steps to fix the Brother printer error code 50 are:
·     First of all, switch all ongoing faxes to another machine, so that the work doesn’t get affected and the fax can be easily received at another end.
·     Open the scanner and examine both sides of it. See if there is any paper jammed within.
·     Open the jam cover from the back of the machine.
·     Check if you find any foreign object or jammed paper inside. Remove it and close the jam cover.
·     If “Error 50” still displays, then unplug the machine from the power supply and wait for 10 seconds. Remove the ink cartridges and turn them upside down. Shake it before re-installing them again. Now turn on the printer and check if it is printing or not.
·     If you are unable to print, then check the printer quality check sheet. If it is working properly, then it means the problem has been resolved.
This is how you can resolve the brother printer error 50 from the computer screen. If the problem persists, then contact the experts.

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